Never Miss a Discord Event

Discord notifications can be CRAZY! The most important events get lost among too many notifications. What if you could never miss a Discord event again?

Schedule.Me guarantees to place your most important events where you will see them; on your calendar!

Discord to Calendar App Integration!

Schedule.Me seamlessly integrates your Discord events into the Calendar app of your choice (Google, Outlook, ICal (coming soon))! Instead of flooding your existing calendars with your Discord events, have them accessibly stored in their own separate calendar for your convenience!

Quick-Create Discord Events (Coming Soon)

Creating Discord events can be such a hassle when managing a discord server. Let Schedule.Me help you by quick-creating Discord events based off your announcements. Not only does this save you time, but Schedule.Me also helps makes sure those events reach more members!

For server members, this feature saves you the tediousness of sifting through all of those mentions for relevant information and ensures that those important event announcements reach you in the fastest, most convenient way!

Filter Those Events (Coming Soon)

Do you have so many Discord events that they just flood your calendar? Do you get notified about events that are going on while you are asleep? Schedule.Me will allow you to filter the events being added to your calendar and to choose which events to exclude based on the time, the server or even the channel to make your calendar that much easier to manage.

Keep Up With Busy Discord Schedules

Lost in Notifications?

In a lot of discord servers and struggling to keep up with all the notifications? Tired of having to check each server to see what important events might be going on? Want to make life easier for you and your server members while increasing engagement and participation? Then consider adding the Schedule.Me bot to your Discord repertoire to have all your events in one convenient location in your calendar!

Strong Roadmap

Features Coming Soon

From iCal and Outlook, to adding new Discord events on the fly; we have a roadmap that will put the most important Discord events at your fingertips.

Focus On What Matters

Only See What Is Important

Sometimes all the notifications can be distracting. But the events, appearing on your calendar, can help ensure you don’t miss important community events!

Partner Program

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